Online Security

SafePrice is no longer part of the Chrome extension

You do not have to miss the opportunities for safe shopping, to explore better prices and to save money with coupons while you shop.

The Avast SafePrice is now available as a standalone extension for Chrome.

Antimalware & Antiphishing

Protects you from suspicous web content

Web Reputation

Help us rate the web

Do Not Track

Take back your privacy!


Shop safe and save money.

What Has Changed

If you’re interested in your privacy, please read this.

Nearly every software product you use collects information about you. Search engines, games, everything. We do the same. This allows us to provide better products and services for you. But we promise that we will never publish or share any of your personally identifiable information nor allow anyone else to use it to market to you without your consent. We promise to keep your privacy private.

However, we do use the information we collect to gain insight into interesting trends. We do so by removing anything and everything that identifies you. We then combine this data with information from millions of other users. This generic information may be shared with third parties. These third parties may use the de-identified and aggregated information to provide business intelligence services to their customers. But it cannot be used to identify or target you. Period.

If after installing this product, you’d prefer not to participate in this generic data gathering, you can opt-out in the Settings page.

By installing or using this product, you agree to our End User License Agreement.